xổ số long an 15/1|金刚狼-X武器

– ( X)

About ( X)

Logan known to the X when he Team X. While Team X would , the X was far from with him. He would later be the for X, to him being and taken to a near , . There, was to his , and his brain was to keep him under . But after he was “” on the of , he was into an rage by the pain of what he had , and what he had been made to do. free he from the X , but much time has , he has never truly from what was done to him by the X .

( X)’s

X is a , and we’ve tried to make his and feel like it! He’s all about up his Rage until he snaps and that’s when the fun ! Once he’s Rage he’s all out , with a burst of to let him his at him, and so they can run, but not hide. The only thing to be about is Heal Block, as your while is that on .

Base Stats &

*All stats based on 5-Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Level 200





Basic : Rage, , , Bleed




Heal Block



’s Note:.

The Rate like ,etc.

Rage –

’s Note:.

Rages are X’s . It’s the thing to watch to tell when he’s going to go and the thing you want to build when as him. The “one of his Fails to due to ”is the less onexổ số long an 15/1,here’s two :

1) X lands a hitcầu wap xổ số quảng nam,but his 50% to Bleed failsxổ số long an 15/1, so he gains a Rage.

2) X is by an ,he gains 1 Rage from his onxổ số long an 15/1, and then he could gain a , if his on fails to .

Rage –

’s Note:

These are , X gains all of them the he goes ,and loses all of them the ends. So keep in mind this means any will be lost. While he’sxo so ben tre 18/1, X just wants to be in his ’s face! Using his to punch his ’s block, the from his Heavy to proc the on Fury,and on his to keep him alive.

or –

’s Note:

This helps X Evadexổ số miền nam 20/2/2022, him just stay on when .


’s Note:

This Bleed two : 1) It deals over time. 2) It’s also X’s way to build Rage while , as each time it fails to Apply it gives him a Rage .


’s Note:

to the Bleed above, this both helps for X’s lack of Armor, as well as him a to gain a Rage each time he’s .

When a Heavy

’s Note:

This helps X get to his Heavy which is an part of his loop.


’s Note:

And this is why the Heavy is an part of X’s loop. It him to that can be with SP1 and SP3, but even more it lets him build his Rage very , and helps keep his Rage up while he’s .

1 – X-Slash: X what will a move with his razor sharp claws.

’s Note:

When X this is even if it is it helps build Rage . it’s also a way for X to apply a Bleed for him to with his Heavy .

2 – Rage:A wild of claws and teeth.

’s Note:

This is X’s go to for while in mode, him to it and from all the bonus he gets from it.

3 – Scent of Blood:Just the whiff of blood in the air X into rage.

’s Note:

The SP3 gets X into Rage. This can be very to get back into Rage after the ends. It also the Bleed that X has to,which makes it the for him to with his Heavy over the rest of the fight.

– Rage: X loses even more into his ragexổ số long an 15/1|金刚狼-X武器, even less aware of the on his body.

’s Note:

( X)’s is : it gives him to his Rage mode, which in our is when he’s most fun to play (not to most ). , it gives him a on fight start, which the , of X. If he’s not at least some in the fight, he’s not being to make use of his kit.



With , (Old Man Logan), (X-23)

All:Regen Buffs grant +15% .



( X), :+15% Bleed .


With , , Kang

( X):Start the fight with 5 Rage .

, , Kang:Start the fight with a Fury Buff, 50% of your Base for 15 .



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