xo so long an 13/11|Not for Nothing

“Not For ” is 。 This is a told by 16 and 17 year old mexo so long an 13/11, and all of the and chaos that went along with my and years of high 。 And , after three years, I have this album。In the of 2014, I wrote a to my (the stud on the cover) that I was going to make this album and call it “Not For ” as a to him my had and “not for ” was one of his many lines that he’d use right being super blunt to a 。

That was just my : on , but the to be said。 He wasn’t with or , but when they were well-, he’d say them。 He would say was on his mind, and I that about my 。 He was truly one of the most and I have ever met, he ’t put up with , and you knew where you stood with him。 My away on June 19, 2014, and I I would “Not For ” that , but it was 。

xo so long an 13/11

I kept the album off。 I for break。 I it off until break。 I it off until 。 I it off until the break。 This break, I it was now or never, and I ’t let the music sit any 。 If you to the album, you’ll that none of these songs are about my 。 All of these songs are to a and all of the highs and lows of that 。 I the album “Not For ” I the album to be 。

If there’s one place that I can feel safe to my with 100% ,it’s in my music。 Part of the I kept off was these songs are justxổ số ngày 13 tây tháng 04, , and not or sweet。 I have no these songs, but them is 。 my music often feels like an of group where I’m the only one or like I’m my diary to other 。 There was a lot of fear the of this album, fear of being for what I was and , and for how I sang, , and it。

, the fear is by the to and with 。Two vivid latch onto the sides of my mind。 One was in the of 2013, and I was in New , with on Long Beach , where I had an old of tuned。 My came down the shore one day, and that night we sat and had a ; then one of my aunts I play a few songs。 A few songs into a lot of songs,and I “I Don’t ” (track 5) for 。

I had that song a month or twoxo so long an 13/11, so the of it was 。 I , and there was 。 My great-aunt then said, “Cori, that was 。 That song is the of 。” And when she said that, I knew that I would have to share this。 I get the song, the of the song still to , has been by a at some point or 。 The when I in break of 2014。

I on my best ’s bed with a and she told me to play a song while we got ready for 。 I “Melt Me Down” (track 1) and by the end of the song, my was and she told me about how it made her think about her own 。 These made me on the power of music,and my and fear for these songs away from who I could be with or in some way or 。 Music is power。 Words are power。 Art is power。

I know so many who are 。 I know so many who hours ofxổ số miền nam 28 tháng 04 năm 2021, , and to art only to hide it away, and even be of it。 As , we long for 。 , we think that our are , and that in a sense, that makes us alone。 We love to on the us than the human that we all face 。 While our are at times, is just to 。

We try to avoid or pain, and we want to do that will make us happy。 And ,our lives don’t run as as we wish。 We all lossxo so long an 13/11, , grief, pain, anger, and , but we also joy, ,lovexo so long an 13/11|Not for Nothingkết quả xổ số miền bắc ngày 8 tháng 9, and 。 Art us of these that we have each other; art is the that the gaps us, which aren’t big at all。 my art away was not 。 On the other hand, my music makes me feel like I’m out my hands and in to with me。 Share in my love, share in my loss, share in my anger, and share in my 。 Enjoy my album。 If you liked it, I'd love to hear from you。 –Cori xo

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