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Huang Bowen of after the 2013 AFC final and FC Seoul in , China, on Nov。 9, 2013。 The match ended in a 1-1 draw, and won the AFC 。 (/Cao Can)| More a and a to club — and not money to buy big-name — are to the of , said after big- won the AFC on 。

Live it Football Evergrande

“A hefty in a squad and a to club were major ‘s in Asian 。 But it is a hard for all clubs to ,” said Xie Liang, a with Radio 。 the ‘s two- by the AFC with a 1-1 tie South FC Seoul on in , , of the “away goals rule”。

Under the rule, the team that more goals away from home will win if the are tied。The game drew huge — CCTV part of it live , the most- news in China。China last had a in 1990, when the of the now- Asian Club 。Local real giant took over the club three years ago and then on a team。 many who were on the team, the team a of and — South Dario Conca, and , and World Cup- coach Lippi — over the past three 。

But ‘s , money into big names in the will not help boost in the long term, said。”The of in the Asian shows there’s hope for China’s ,” Zhang ,AFC vice-Live it Football Evergrande, was as by 。 “The big from the club a lot to China’s in years, but we can’t say it’s the only of for 。

“‘s big “might lead club to make , which is not good to the of 。 The of is for China’s , but we have to calm down after the to see the and and seek 。 The of this club go to all and 。”Most fans 。In an by ifeng。com on “What do you think of ‘s AFC ?”, 37。9 of the more than 230,000 said they were ” since one hide the dark side of China’s “, while 24。

97 that ” is an of China’s since the team the of “。 17。54 it a type of “money , which be by “。 clubs have their and due to and a game and after the a some 20 years ago。”Apart from its huge , ‘s also comes from a , a , after in a squad from Italy and a of to boost ‘ ,” said Zhou Sui’an, who led the then- side to place in China’s top in 1994。

“Other clubs buy big stars as did in the past few years, but they can the style。 In the past, most clubs to ,which has led to a for the teamLive it Football Evergrande,” Zhou added。, said a big is the first step to 。Sven-Goran , the head coach of Super club R&F, said a huge from clubs in the past years had boost of 。

“For , big in a good coach and and star have ‘s in ,” said 。, which wins in the , could also be able to in due to its to a squad, said。Youth is the out large sums of money to buy big names is not the only thing that did in past years。 ‘s , a with La Liga giant Real , last year。

in , in , the will 2,400 more this year。 Xie said the of both in the and Asian will more young to play 。”Only by a large of young in can China’s catch up with in the ,” said Xie, who has been of since the top was some 20 years ago。(:、Chen Lidan)

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Live it Football Evergrande

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